An Interesting Video About Bottled Water From Ethical Ocean

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We got an email from Tony Hancock at an on line company called Ethical Ocean. This is one of the country’s preeminent online retailers of Eco and just about everything else friendly products. We invite you to read it and follow the link to check out the very interesting video he has made about bottled water.

Hi There

I came across your green directory and want to commend you for putting together a great Green Directory which has a Canadian focus…I just added our website today!

I wanted to pass on some information that the readers of your blog would likely find interesting. We’ve put together a short and to-the-point video about bottled water, and the inputs that go into producing it (for example, it takes 3L of water to produce a 1L bottle, including the litre that is consumed). You can see the video here:

There is a link on that page to our calculations, as we want to be transparent to the sources of our information and how we arrived at our numbers.

Tony Hancock

BTW: I checked out the Ethical Ocean site and it’s pretty cool.