Recycling Wood…It Can Be A Beautiful Thing

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Showcasing our massive international reach, this post come to us from the land down under and was sent by an innovative furniture company called Jarrimber, that makes a lot of its furniture out of recycled wood. The pieces they create are really quite beautiful as well as thoughtfully designed and crafted. You can check them out at



What Will They Think Of Next? How About Solar Roof Shingles.

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The wonderful thing about real innovation in green technology is how simple they are. This short article about the development of solar energy roof shingles is a great example of what I mean here. Normally creation of solar energy generating panels requires the uses of rare earth metals which are becoming, rarer as time goes by. So the need to create new energy saving ideas from materials that are cheaper and more abundant is the next big frontier.

This article was posted on the Yale Environment 360 blog. We encourage you to check it out, and subscribe to this blog. This is a big green idea and those are always the best kind.