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Things We Do At Home To Be Green – Part 2

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Canada to Ban incandescent light bulbs by 2012

Canada to Ban incandescent light bulbs by 2012

This is a continuation of the things that we have been doing and continue to do at our home/office to help the environment. These things are our small addition to the effort that we all need to take on if we are going to leave a livable planet for our grandchildren.

5. We have been using and continue to use ‘green’ cleaners including laundry soap, dishwashing soap, bathroom and toilet cleaner, floorwashing cleaner, etc. We have discovered that Vinegar is a great anti-bacterial cleaner instead of clorine bleach. We also use an orange peel cleaner as a great cleaner that will eliminate any strong odors – great for cat urine/puke, etc.

6. Turn off any un-used lights, TV’s, radios, PC Monitors, etc.

7. Replaced all of our convention light bulbs with twisted energy saving bulbs – saving at least 50% of the energy needed to light our home.

8. Reduce the number of plastic bags that we use but any we do use are re-used at  least twice but in many cases they are re-used more times before they are discarded. Included in this was being involved in a re-cycling process with a neighboring farm where we eliminated any new bags they needed to buy for their market and re-use the plastic bags all around their farm.

You can see even better solutions for the plastic bags issue in previous blog entries.

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Things We Do At Home To Be Green – Part 1

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http://mp.apogee.net/ image

http://mp.apogee.net/ image

There are a number of things that we can be doing at our homes to help the environment. We have been doing a lot of these for many years and just take it for granted that everyone else does the same.

1. Wash with Cold Water – We have used cold water for more than 20 years to wash our clothes. It means that our clothes are not brilliantly white but we decided that was something with which we could live.

2. Recycle anything that we can – bottles, cans, newspaper, boxes, food waste, etc. One of the things that annoys us is not being able to recycle Styrofoam.

3. Use a fireplace to heat and have the Furnace Thermostat in the same room as the Fireplace.  This keeps the furnace use down to ab absolute minimum.

4. Last year we had to place our furnace and we put in a very highly efficient new furnace. The old furnace was recycle for parts and its metal.

Tell us what things you have been doing to make your living more green.

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Green Bag Lady – Karma Tube

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green bag lady - karma tube

green bag lady - karma tube

There are times when special people just decide that something must be done to correct a problem. A real example of this is  Teresa Van Hatten-Granath, the ‘green bag lady,’ for example. Her passion for being environmentally-friendly has inspired her to setup a wonderful initiative that she funds herself. Watch her beautiful story and perhaps join in!

If each one of us was willing to take one of the problems that ffect our planet and take the same kind of initiative as Teresa did, this world would be a whole lot better place to live.
Click Here for more about her solution: