Recycling Wood…It Can Be A Beautiful Thing

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Showcasing our massive international reach, this post come to us from the land down under and was sent by an innovative furniture company called Jarrimber, that makes a lot of its furniture out of recycled wood. The pieces they create are really quite beautiful as well as thoughtfully designed and crafted. You can check them out at



Berlin Street Artists Make Insane Art Out Of The City’s Waste

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This is a really cool article about a ‘green’ activity that’s going on in Berlin Germany. The link below will take you to the Fast Company blog where this article is posted. I think this would be a great initiative to try and get launched in Canada, where there seems to be a never ending supply of stuff destined for landfills just hanging around on the streets. The artists’ ‘re-use of this material not only  makes for some very interesting art, but also reduces the burden that our ever growing landfills must carry.

The blog was written by NYC writer Sydney Brownstone, whose bio is below the link.

Sydney Brownstone is a New York-based staff writer at Co.Exist. She lives in a Brooklyn apartment with windows that don’t quite open, and is interested in systemic abuse of public space and the commons. She’s written for the Village Voice, Mother Jones, Brooklyn Magazine, The L Magazine, and has contributed to NPR.